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Computer Repairs

We can make that frustrating PC function again!
Blue screens?
Won't boot?
Doesn't turn on?
Does it sound like a screeching demon?
We've all been there. 

We fix apple computers & ipads too!

Computer services & Repairs

Bring it to us and we will excorcise that demon.

Whether it's a virus, software or hardware related, we will get your computer back to working order.

Total repair cost will vary based on part cost (if required) + labor

We fix apple computers & ipads too!

Our Labor Rates:

  • Labor rates will not exceed $120 per computer, discount on labor for multiple computers
  • General Labor: $80/HR Billed in 1/4HR ($20) increments
  • Virus Removal: Flat rate of $120 (Virus removal + System Cleaning + Windows Update)
  • Diagnostic: $40 (Applies only if a repair is chosen to not be performed)
  • Operating System Install: $120 (OS+Drivers+Windows Updates + personal data backup)
  • System restore to factory: $80 (Can only be done if recovery partition exists or has disks) 
  • Cleaning Computer: $80 (Remove unused software + defrag hard disk + windows updates)